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I'm so glad you are here! The journey of faith is one that lasts a lifetime. As men and as leaders it is crucial that we make every effort to grow spiritually, mentally, and emotionally in this long journey. I'm excited to tell you that you are not alone! As you commit to grow in your relationship with the Lord, I pray that I can be an additional resource of encouragement for you. I don't claim to have all the answers, but as the Lord develops me I pray that I can share new thoughts that you learn from as well. I have a collection of video teachings that have been made available on this page free of charge. Please know that you are not alone. You can do this! 


By the Power of Christ,

John Orlando  

Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men. 

-Matthew 4:19

Discipleship for Men and Mentorship for Leaders.


Orlando Ministries.

02 Video Resources

Men's Discipleship

For Leaders

Leader Resource Videos
Discipleship Videos



1 - $ / Finances

The pressure of needing money?

The pressure of having & giving money?

How to handle money!


2 - Identity /Status / Power

Who do I think I am?

Who do people think I am?

Who I really am and need to be!


3 - Lust / Sex / Temptations

Why do I lust?

What do I gain from lust?

How do I stop lusting?

4 - Relationships

Why do I need them?

Why do others need me?

How do I change and strengthen them?


5 - Wrongful Thinking

Why do I think this way?

Why doesn't my thinking change?

How do I change my thinking?


6 - Priorities in order

Why do I have to priorities my life?

Why is it so difficult to priorities my life?

How do I priorities my life?


7 - Falling short as a man of God

Why is it important to become a true man of God?

Why do I struggle to become a true man of God?

How do I become a true man of God?

Rev John Orlando Ministries is focused on building up the men in the Body Of Christ to empower them to be the spiritual leaders God has called them to be.


It is also designed to assist Pastor and leaders in building strong men and discipleship ministries. Just like in the book of Acts where men were chosen to help and assist the leaders of the church in their daily business. Acts 6:3 (NKJV)  "Therefore, brethren, seek out from among you seven men of good reputation, full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business;"

Just like the Church in the Book of Acts, men need to be risen up to take their positions in the church but they first need to be: 



Through the years John Orlando Ministry has been and continues to be a tremendous blessing to my life. Pastor John has helped me grow as a men’s leader by taking the time to mentor me in my earlier years of ministry. In moments when I was discouraged God would use him as a voice of encouragement. John is a trusted, anointed and spirit lead brother. John has a heart for seeing men walking in their full God given potential and I am honored to have him in my life.

Associate Pastor Bill Battista

Temple Rock Community Church

Newark, NJ 


I was a Christian for a long time, but I didn’t truly start growing in my walk and really living the way the Lord wants us to until I started receiving life changing biblical mentorship from John Orlando. I learned how to love, to control my anger, to have mercy and forgiveness, to make the Bible the answer to all questions and disagreements. 

Rev. Jayson DiMaria Esq,

Ft. Myers, FL


Pastor John Orlando is an amazing man of God. He always has an encouraging word to share and is a powerful motivational speaker and disciple maker! 

Dr. Richard Martinez

Lead Pastor Community Gospel Church

Montvale, NJ 


I have known Pastor John for almost 20 years. His love for God and passion for real transformation in people’s lives is contagious! God has used John to speak timely words of encouragement into my life countless times. I count it a blessing and privilege to call him my friend!

Pastor Brad Gray

New Hope Church

Cotati, CA 


I’ve known John Orlando as a man who loves people. He has a heart full of encouragement and love that carries Jesus’ signature. John Orlando is a world changer!

Pastor Peter Bruno

Metro Church

North Haledon, NJ 


Pastor John is a man after God’s own heart who has poured out his life on me for the purpose of discipleship, producing fruit and multiplying by reaching others and building the kingdom of God. John is a man of compassion, grace, mercy, and commitment. His ministry is full of love and God’s Spirit, which is exemplified through his high view of Christ, His Word, and the church. Simply put, I would not be where I am today in my faith journey without him.

Pastor James Martin

Park View Church

Lilburn, GA


John Orlando ministers with passion and authenticity through the power of the Holy Spirit to touch people deep in their souls. He genuinely cares for people at every level and desires to see others succeed in their homes, careers, and most importantly their relationship with Christ. Pastor John models a godly life and teaches others from his rich experience as a leader in the business sector and in the body of Christ.

Pastor Jonathan Papa

Risen King Church

Butler, NJ 


I Thank God for John Orlando’s words of wisdom and encouragement. He has and continues to be a great man of God who follows and obey the heart of God. He does not waiver but remain steadfast always abounding in the work of the Lord. 

Pastor Ron Young

Emmanuel Tabernacle

Linden, NJ


Pastor John Orlando has the unique gift of combining encouragement with unvarnished truth. He walks alongside you to help you reach for God’s more for your life and ministry.

Pastor Thomas Galban

Evangel Community Church

Snelville, GA


I would have to say John Orlando is a breath of fresh air with his excitement, passion and love for God and others. He has been such an encouragement and inspiration to me personally over the years. I appreciate and always look forward to connecting with him. 

Pastor Kevin Bernat

New Life Assembly

Egg Harbor, NJ


John Orlando is a man who hears from the Lord.  He has been a blessing to me and my men here at Impact Ministries. John approaches the Word of God from a very personal perspective.  He unashamedly preaches the full council of God with one thing in mind, seeing others come to the saving knowledge of Christ

Pastor Mike Kelly

Impact Ministries

Bayonne, NJ 


I thank God for putting a brother like John Orlando in my life. He sends a Word from the Lord in due season, and it is always right on time!

Pastor Ralph Fiorelli

Emmanuel Christian Church

Hackensack, NJ 


Every time I’ve connected with John I’ve walked away more encouraged, loved, and challenged than when the conversation began. He’s a breath of fresh air to men and a gift to the Kingdom.

Pastor Phil Caporale

Kingsway Church

Cherry Hill, NJ 


In my association with John Orlando, the following five words come to mind in describing his ministry. Passionate - John is passionate about the things of God and passionate about those who don’t know Christ. Encourager - He is an incredible encourager of the brethren. I personally have been on the receiving side of his encouragement. Disciple Maker - He moves to the next level after reaching the lost as he desires to infuse them with the Word of God. Worshiper - John is a true worshiper of our Lord Jesus Christ and desires others to do the same and worship before the throne of God.

Pastor Wes Kenyon

Northern Presbyter of the New Jersey AG Network


John Is a Passionate preacher, dedicated pastor and discipler, fiery revivalist, he has stayed faithful to the call of the Master from the start. To me, he has been a God-given friend, encourager, and fellow soldier on the front lines of advancing the Kingdom.” 

Rev. Dr. Thomas Keinath

Professor UVF and Pastor Bread of Life Church

Upper Darby, PA 


The word "Faithful" comes to mind when I think of my Friend and Brother John Orlando.  He has been this and much more in so many ways to both me and "King of Kings Worship Ministries". On a personal level, John continues to be a faithful friend.  He is influential to me as a brother and always encourages me with a word of life that lifts me when I need it most. His powerful gifting of the Prophetic has blessed us as well; as we witness the fruits and evidence of the prophetic word he spoke over this ministry unfold.  We are increasing daily in the Spirit which has helped tremendously in building our maturity individually; which continues to strengthen us as a team.  We wait with great expectation for the things spoken and yet to come. Brother John is very dear to me and King of Kings.  I stand with him in faith believing, as the Lord increases in him and even greater, more powerful anointing over his life and ministry. Stay in the River my friend!  In Jesus Mighty Name....Amen!     

Pastor Charles Salinas, Senior Pastor
King of Kings Worship Ministries


I would love to hear from you on your spiritual journey, feel free to reach out to me at any time!


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